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Urban Land Price Levels

Let’s start by looking at the general picture and as the article advances we will go deeper into detail, studying the intricate nature of the Spanish property market, drilling down onto the province level and even looking into some specific locations as the town of Calpe, where our main operations are based.


National Average Price


If we take the average data on a national level, we can observe a general downtrend after the 2008 market crash, slightly softened after 2014 and even with a minor increase in prices in the last two years of the series. Bear in mind, that these figures correspond with the average prices of square meter of urban land and consider not only the urban land in such developed areas as the city of Madrid and Barcelona, but also the urban land situated in rural areas, in small and less densely populated towns. Although, there are significant divergences in prices between the central nucleus of cities and the rural outskirts, these averages reveal general price trends and give us an idea of what to expect in the following years in each region and whether it is a good or a bad idea to buy property in a certain location.

If we break down the data by autonomous regions, we start to see considerable differences between them and the typical Spanish “Center-Periphery” divergence, when most of the urban and economic development concentrates on the coasts and Madrid:


Average m2 price map_edited


The prices vary greatly, with the autonomous community of Madrid at the top (296 euros per m2), followed by the Balearian Islands (264 euros per m2) and ending with poorer regions of Castilla Leon where the average square meter of land is about 75 euros/m2. The Valencian Community is situated in the upper middle at 155 euros per square meter of urban land.

If we drill down even further into the province level, we start to detect even bigger differences between locations, with Madrid still at the top (296,46 euros per m2) and Lugo at the bottom at just 32,87 euros per each m2:


Average m2 price provinces


Where to buy?

But hey, no market, real estate or not is any good if there is not enough liquidity. If you are buying an asset with the idea to sell it a couple of years if necessary, you need to make sure that there is somebody willing to buy it from you. You must consider BOTH the price levels and the amount of liquidity on any given local market!

Let’s take a view at what regions are experiencing the greater amount of volume:




This map has been created using the public data available from the Spanish Ministry of Development and the data show the average amount of transactions per trimester (3 months) on a municipality level. Hot spots? Madrid, Barcelona, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. The last one, has lately been a safe heaven, allowing moderate increases in value over time.

If we deep dive even further, and have a look at our regional and local level, we obtain the following volume tendencies:

Property Sales in Alicante

Property Sales in Calpe


Although volume levels have not recovered from the crazy days of 2006/2007, the region has increased construction and second-hand sales since the market crash.  Land scarcity is also starting to play a significant role: land and house prices are starting to increase drastically in locations as Calpe.  

Favorable political climate and increasingly better installations are making Calpe a popular destination, both as a tourist destination and a long-term place to leave. As a response to the booming property market, our company has decided to develop high-end projects as the ATLAS Tower in the first line of the Fossa Beach and we are looking to keep developing new and vanguard projects capable of increasing the life quality of the citizens and the city image!

Thank you for your attention. If you have any doubt or would like to receive more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us through the following email address:

You can download all the official Government Data used in this article here.

Or directly in an .xls format below:

Precio medio del m2 de suelo urbano por CCAA y Provincias

Transacciones - Segunda mano

Transacciones - Total

Transacciones - Vivienda Nueva