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Benidorm - one of the largest cities of the Costa Blanca, known as "Spanish New York" or "Mediterranean", since
here "boils" nightlife, a vibrant city at any time of the day, where there is a lot entertainment centers, bars, shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. Occupies an area of 38.51 km2 with a population of 69 010 people (data for 2014), which in summer is replenished to 400 000 due to tourists.

The climate in Benidorm, due to the surrounding mountains, is very mild and and blessed. So in summer the thermometer does not exceed the mark of + 32 degrees (average annual in the summer - 26), and in winter - does not fall below + 12 (the average annual in winter - +17). It maintains a stable temperature and there are no sharp changes. Very few days without sun, minor precipitation. Due to these conditions, water in the sea seems especially. The warm and bathing season lasts until October.

The existence of Benidorm is mentioned as far back as the 3rd century BC, when here lived different nationalities. Only in 1325 Benidorm took place as a city and received its status. There are several hypotheses about the origin of the name "Benidorm". One of them is Arabic, which explains the origin of the words "beni" - the place, "d'oro" - the golden one. There is a version of the Valencian, on which "bein" is to sleep, "dormir" is good. Later, with
the city was called "Benidarchim", which took its name from ruling at that time a family with the name Darhim.


Since the XVI century and, practically, until the XIX, Benidorm was attacked by pirates. Protection of the city served as a fortress, from which today there is nothing left, and lookout towers, ruins which you can visit today (Agilo, Escaleras). In the XVI century Benidorm occupied only a small part of today's territory, the whole settlement
was located near the embankment. Later the city expanded its territory, spreading to the mountains.

In those days, people earned their living only by the fishing industry and this in every possible way was suppressed by the government and by wars. From 1802 to 1812, the local population was devastated and robbed by Napoleon troops. And the city was filled with smugglers and pirates who for a long time became a disaster for Benidorm. Later, thanks to the decree of the Spanish King Fernando VII, the pirates were exterminated and restored order in the city.

By the end of the 19 th century, the first tourists began to appear in Benidorm, mostly Spaniards from neighboring cities. But this contributed to the emergence of many places for rest, sanatoria, hotels, etc. in Benidorm. Special development and fame the city received thanks to its Mayor, Pedro Zaragoza, who held the very first advertising campaign, hiring a family of reindeer herders, who traveled to airports with advertisement about the rest in Benidorm.

Benidorm can be reached by car, using route No. 332 and along the highway AP-7. The nearest airport is in Alicante. Also take a bus with Alicante (Alicante), Valencia (Valencia), Madrid (Madrid), Cantabria (Cantabria), Countries of Basco (Pais Basco), Rioja (La Rioja), Navarra (Navarra), etc. There is also an opportunity to get a monorail (trenet de la Marina) with Alicante or Denia, where Benidorm is the "link". Inside the city you can take advantage of bus or taxi.

As for entertainment and attractions, Benidorm has succeeded in this. Here you can do any water sports, for example windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, paragliding and more. One of the best amusement parks is Terra Mitica ("Mythical Land"), an area of ​​100 hectares. It is here that you will be able to visit different epochs, civilizations and ride on a roller coaster and other attractions. Not less interesting, there are many museums in Benidorm where you can learn more information about the history of the city. We recommend visiting such artistic galleries and musem as: The House Museum (the main art gallery of the XIX century), the museum of wax figures (where you can see many historical personalities), agricultural museum (tools, tools, plows and a water mill). You can also visit the ruins of the observation tower of the 16th century, the observation deck (Mediterranean balcony), Tossal de Cala (Iberian settlement), etc.

The nature reserve "Terra Natura" (safari park) is located near the city with an area of ​​36 hectares. Here you can fully enjoy the primeval wild nature and observe the behavior of birds and animals in a free habitat.
The entertainment park "Mundomar", which translates as "the sea world". Here medical research, protection of marine life and fauna, dolphin therapy is also performed here.

And the very first water park in Benidorm is Aqualandia (1985). This park takes the first place of honor in its size and is considered a worthy competitor in the service and level of entertainment.

It is also worth visiting the Church of Saint Jaime and St. Anne (Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana), which is located in the old part of the city. It was built in 1740 and 1780 years.

In the palace of Benidorm you can enjoy classical ballet, circus show, flamenco and various representations of touring troupes from all over Europe.

On the territory of Benidorm there are 4 beaches that deserve special attention, as each year are awarded the "Blue Flag" for its purity and transparency of water and magnificent golden sand, and also safety:

- Playa del Levante - the most crowded beach, 2084 m long and 75 m wide. It is located in the central part of the city and 2 km from the old town. Here are located Children's slides, playgrounds for children, springboards for water skiing, rent of umbrellas and sun loungers, bars and restaurants;

- Playa del Poniente - an ideal place for a peaceful family vacation. This beach occupies a larger area than the Levante, the length is 3100 m and a width of 105 m, so even in the midst of the season here you will always find a free place. there is rent of umbrellas and sun beds;
- Playa del Mal Pas - a small separate beach 120 m long and 30 m wide. You can go there by the stairs leading down;
- Cala del Tio Ximo - nudist beach, only 6 square meters. Beach sandy and with rocks. Here you can see a rich underwater world. There is a rental of umbrellas and sunbeds.

If you want to enjoy the rocks, the beautiful nature of Benidorm, then we advise you to visit the island of La Isla de Benidorm, which is 2 km from the city. This zone ideal for fishing underwater and diving. From Playa de Poniente beach to the island you can get by boat or from the hotel Benikaktus.

Benidorm takes the third place in the number of hotel rooms (32 000 seats), after Madrid and Barcelona. Here you can find all the categories of hotels (from 2 * to 5 *), each tourist can find a suitable for himself in the ratio of price and quality.

Many hotels have such privileges as nanny services, games rooms, and a child under 12 years old can live in a room with parents third and free of charge. One of the most popular and spectacular buildings is the hotel Gran-Bali (Gran Hotel Bali (Luis Prendes, s / n)), it is also the tallest Spanish building with a height of 186 m,
is located in the Poniente beach area. You can visit the hotel without even  living in it, enough to pay for the entrance to the reception. On the 45th floor, where
there is an observation deck, you can enjoy exciting and colorful views of the city, and at night see "shining" Benidorm. Besides hotel we can recommend others such as: Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada (Aviles, 2 (La Cala)), Hotel Fetiche Alojamiento con Encanto (Paseo de la Carretera, 11), Hotel Madeira Centro, Hotel Rosamar, Berloy, Avenida, Hotel RH Corona del Mar (popular), Benidorm Plaza, Hotel Palm Beach, Deloix Aqua Center, Hotel Cimbel, Poseidon Resort, Hotel Poseidon Playa, Hotel Marconi, Hotel Marina, Hotel Rambla, Flash Hotel Benidorm (only for adults) and many others. You can also rent an apartment or a house in camping.

In Benidorm you will be surprised by the huge number of restaurants and bars where you can taste dishes of almost all countries. Pleasure a wide range of seafood. We list only a few bars and restaurants where you can go: Amigos Bar & Bistro (international, British, Mediterranean, European cuisine, menu: from 4 to 24 euros), The Bagabond (English, European cuisine, menu: from 13 to 46 euros), Pizzeria L'Originale (French cuisine, from 7 to 30 euros), 7 Palms Restaurant & Bar ( Italian cuisine), Brogans (English cuisine, from 5 to 15 euros), Restaurante Erroak (Scottish cuisine), Neils Brasserie (Basque cuisine, fusion, menu: from 25 to 50 euros), Caspers Bar Bistro (winery), Amigos Restaurant & Roof Terrace (British cuisine, coffee house, fast food), Drop in (international cuisine), Bar Domino (Belgian cuisine) and etc.

Spaniards love and know how to have fun, especially on holidays. In Benidorm, as elsewhere, national and holiday holidays are celebrated. We list some of them:

- On 5 January, the celebration of the Cabalgata de Reyes Magos (Three Sages), children and adults adore this holiday. On this day, 3 kings ride their chariots around the city (in all cities of Spain) and give gifts to children. On January 6, the crews are showering candy. Here they read and Santa Claus (Papa Noel), who presents gifts on January 25, but three wise men (Baltasar, Gaspard and Melchor) for Spaniards - more national holiday;

- March 17 - St. Patrick's Day (dia de San Patricio). This saint is a patron the city of Murcia, it is believed that after the shipwreck of the Irish in one of the The village was the appearance of Patrick. Although this holiday does not apply to Benidorm, but Spaniards celebrate all the holidays connected with the saints. On this day everyone dresses in green and hold parades, prepare Irish food and drink;

- On March, 18th - a holiday of Valencia Las Fajas (Las Fallas de San Jose), this day meet spring, while burning the manufactured cardboard dolls and launching salutes;

- from 1 to 8 April - Easter week (Semana Santa). This weekend week, when gather churches and arrange parades in honor of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary;
- May 1 - the feast of the Holy Cross;
- October 4 - the feast of the Moors and Christians;
- from 9 to 14 November - the feast of St. Jaime and the Virgin Mary, which according to popular belief these days came to Benidorm

These and many other holidays you can spend fun with the Spanish people, if you come to Benidorm.

A walk along the old part of the city, along its narrow streets, will immerse you in the past of Spain. In the central square you will see a ficus, growing there more than 300 years. At the same time in the new part of the city - the complete opposite: discos, restaurants, noisy bars, lots of shops, fountains, entertainment ... So you can always
to escape from the noisy bustle, or, on the contrary, to immerse yourself in the rhythm of the nightly seething life ...

All this you can find in a multifaceted city - Benidorm.