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Property in Moraira history and attractions

One of the most beautiful and picturesque towns of the Costa Blanca is Moraira (Moraira). A cozy luxury city is located on the Mediterranean coast, belongs to the municipality of Teulada (located 6 km from the sea), therefore the tourist center is called Moraira-Teulada. The population of Moraira is not more than 10 000 people. In the city there are few hotels and tourists, you can safely relax with the whole family. Not so long ago, a new yacht club was built here (Moraira Club Nautico, where you can rent a yacht; there are about 620 yachts) and a sports yacht club (Moraira Sports Harbor). There is everything for comfortable rest - shops, market (where you can buy souvenirs, ceramics, items of clothing, fruits, vegetables - and all at very low prices), restaurants, panoramic views, etc.

There is also many other entertainment, for example: to play golf in the golf club (Club de Golf Ifach, rag 60, 9
holes), football, tennis, horseback riding, go-karting; for diving enthusiasts it will be interesting to observe the underwater world in rocky coves and bays. Moraira has two clean sandy beaches and turquoise water -
L'Ampolla (local beach) and Playa del Portet (Portet - near Moraira). Both beaches marked by the Blue Flag, perfectly suited for family vacations and aquatic sports. Here you can rent umbrellas, sun beds, catamarans, you can ride on
"Banana" or a balloon, there are children's slides, in the center of the beach is a bar with delicious cocktails and refreshing drinks.

In Moraira a temperate Mediterranean climate, very similar to the climate of South Africa, California, South Australia - 320 days of sunshine a year. The average temperature in summer is about 25 degrees, and the maximum is 36. Winter average temperature is 12 degrees, minimum +8. Since the town is surrounded by hills and mountains
(planted with pines and grapes), then there are no strong winds.

How do I get to the town? You can rent a car, it will cost you approximately 30 euros per day. Use the national highway No. 332 in direction of Valencia, Calpe, Alicante and Alicante - Altea. You can use highway number 7 (path 63, Benissa). The nearest airports are in Alicante (distance - 95 km - it's about 1 hour 10 minutes), Valencia (about 130 km - on time 1 hour 38 minutes) and Murcia (178 km - for 2 hours 7 minutes). The Valencia Station (TRYHV) is located in the 121 km distance, to the seaport of Valencia (Valencia Cruise Port - P 38480) the distance is 128 km (about 1 hour 40 minutes). Another option is the bus.

The history of Moraira is directly connected with the history of Teulada. In the XIII - XIV centuries the settlement of Teulada was founded, but since the main craft at that time was fishing, it became necessary to build houses closer to the sea. So at the end of the XVIII century the city was gradually built up, then the fishing depots were built - and at the end Moraira town appeared. Then the population was 500 people. From the report of Fabian and Fuero (1791) shows that the first export of raisins began. As J. Cavanillas said., that in this era (1797) there was not a single town in this zone, the population settled so close to the sea. Until the third decade of the XIX century, the population could not live quietly close to the coast, because they were constantly attacked by pirates. Only after the conquest by the French in 1830, Argel gradually calmed down and the settlers began to live more quietly. In the middle of the XIX century, when the first store and a bar on one of the streets appeared (calle de Dalto or dels Magatzems), a fully formed city with its population and spheres services. So in the last 50 years the city, thanks to tourism, economically and demographically developed.

The first known data on the number of houses appeared in 1860. So, Nomenclator, Alicante Province, has carried out a recalculation of housing and their data in Moire: 38 homes (12 of them in one floor, 25 in two levels and 1 in
is designated), among them 27 - populated, 1 - temporarily leased and 10 houses - uninhabited. In 1922, in the Fiscal Register of Buildings and Land (el Registro Fiscal de Edificios y Solares) were given data directly
separated by streets: Calle Nueva (currently - Dr. Calatayud) - 10 houses, calle Almacenes - 23 houses, calle la Playa -4 houses, calle la Mar - 4 houses, calle Carrero - 5 houses; total - 46 houses. Nomenclator of the province of Alicante (la "Rada de Moraira") in 1940 had such data: 55 houses for permanent residence and 9 for other uses. Among them there were 10 one-story houses, 52 - in two levels and 2 - in three floors. amount living in these houses this year - 215 people.

In the 50's the street was built up. Calatayud, then the streets along the directions to Portet (calle Denia and Juan XXIII).  Recently, this important prospectus expanded to the west, opening new access to the city, starting from the old house "la por "and runs to the road Moraira-Calpe. Among the attractions of Moraira can be noted only an ancient castle of the 18th-century Torreon, which once belonged to the Bourbon family, and the Cap d'Or watchtower, with its spectacular panoramic views of the city. But with Moraira you can go to nearby cities, which are located on
a distance of about 15 km, for example: in Javea, Denia, Calpe, Altea.

In Moraira, as in other cities, all holidays are honored. Folk festivals, fun, fireworks are mainly held from January to November. So on December 25, as in the whole Spain here celebrate Christmas, a great family holiday, all give each other gifts and feasts. Since Moraira is the province of Valencia, here Valencian holidays are celebrated, among which are such as Las Fallas (on the streets put big dolls, which are burned on March 19 - so people see off winter and they meet spring; everywhere peteradoes, firecrackers, fireworks are exploding). One of city ​​holidays is the "Fish Fiesta", in memory of the past, when fishing was the main industry, and at the present time an assortment of fish dishes allows you to organize such holidays and enjoy truly fish masterpieces. On the 24th of June the Festival "Bonfires of St. John Baptist "(Hogueras de San Juan). These and many other holidays you can celebrate with the Spaniards.

Moraira is a city for real gourmets of delicious food. Several first-class restaurants in the port and the town of Portet. There are 145 restaurants in Moraira. Let's list some of them: La Serena Moraira (international cuisine), Kosta (international cuisine), Rondo (chic restaurant, will not leave indifferent), Taberna Suiza (first-class food and service, international cuisine), Satari's (one of the the best restaurants in the city; international cuisine), Options Restaurant (international kitchen; menu - from 15 to 30 euros), Restaurante Ca Pepe (wonderful; international kitchen), La Soleil (international cuisine, decorated dish, artistic David's Fish & Chip Diner (British modern cuisine, ideal for lovers of fish, eat fried potatoes, pasta, pizza, etc .; menu - from 3 to 10 euros), Bayern Hutt'n (German cuisine), The Lowry (family kitchen, cozy pub, beautiful value for money), Zensatez Restaurante (Spanish family kitchen, bar- bistro, menu - from 18 to 45 euros), Olive Tree Restaurant (the perfect restaurant, all on
the highest level; international, European cuisine; menu - from 25 to 30 euros), Royal Buddha tandoori in Moraira (Indian, Nepalese cuisine, delicious family restaurant), The Kathmandu Indian & Nepali Restaurant (Indian, Nepalese, Asian kitchen; one of the best Indian restaurants), La Dauphin (one of the best restaurants),
ASIA-YE The "-Ye" (an expensive Chinese restaurant, but it's worth it), Bar Cascada, El Cafeti de la Mar, Premium Café & Lounge Bar, Restaurant Ca La iaia and many others. Fresh sea air and delicious dishes of the city of Moraira will definitely not leave you indifferent, here you can taste the traditional Valencian dish "Paella" (paella), which is prepared on the basis of rice with the addition of different ingredients (for example, seafood, pieces of meat, vegetables, spinach, fish, etc.).

Arriving in the city in autumn, there is an opportunity to get to competitions between local inhabitants for awarding the "best dish" prize and, thus, conducting a tasting of different "Summits of temptation" in gastronomy. Also here are good wines produced. Between Moraira and Teulada have a wine cellar where you can taste any wine.

You can stay in Moraira in an apartment or a rented house. So apartments on the first line in the season (from late May to October) can cost 350-600 euro a week, away from the coast will be much cheaper; if you want rent a house, it will cost about 500 - 2000 euros per week. Since the city small hotels here a little, among them: Gema Hotel ** (from 2 955 rubles per night); Hotel Swiss Moraira **** (from 6 239 rubles per night) - the hotel has 33 rooms, of which 19 - 2 person, 13 - on the top floor (3 with a jacuzzi) and 1 - an individual room; Hotel la Sort **** (starting from 7 552 rubles per night). Rent a house or book a hotel room better in just a few weeks. You can book on the Internet, or through travel agencies.

Moraira is a flourishing city, attracting its smells and colors. In such a small there are absolutely all the services that are necessary for holidaymakers. Quiet, calm place with beautiful clean beaches will not leave you indifferent. Come with your family and enjoy your vacation all together!