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Legal services

Among the list of services includes activities such as:

- Sale of real estate on the secondary market, sales from developers in terms of building companies, promoters representation
- Assistance to sellers of real estate in the search for buyers and sellers to view interseov buyers, as well as in the notary's offices and governmental bodies

- Negotiations on behalf of customers, representative of the Buyer interest in the purchase transaction - the sale of real estate, as well as conducting transactions for the benefit of Customers
- Legal support of real estate transactions, real estate registration in the register of owners, tax and fiscal authorities, as well as a representative office in other state bodies and notary's offices
- Property Checking the purity of the transaction and the existence of debts and encumbrances, debt issues
- Preparation of documents for the signing of the sale at the notary, with the participation of an authorized translator

- Assisting in the selection of documents for mortgage soglasovyvanii documentation provided with the department on the risks of banks, carrying out work to obtain the best credit terms in the Spanish banks, if necessary, carry out an independent assessment of the real estate assessment or improve conditions
- Filing and obtaining NIE numbers proxy authentication foreigner
- Conclusion of an Agreement for the maintenance, electricity, gas, water, telephone, Comunidad
- Sales Service
- Delivery of objects acquired by our customers for rent
- Ready business sales