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What do we offer?

Among the list of services includes activities such as:

- Sale of real estate on the secondary market, sales from developers in terms of building companies, promoters representation
- Assistance to sellers of real estate in the search for buyers and sellers to view interseov buyers, as well as in the notary's offices and governmental bodies

- Assisting in the selection of documents for mortgage documentation provided with the department on the risks of banks, carrying out work to obtain the best credit terms in the Spanish banks, if necessary, carry out an independent assessment of the real estate assessment or improve conditions
- Filing and obtaining NIE numbers proxy authentication foreigner
- Conclusion of an Agreement for the maintenance, electricity, gas, water, telephone, Comunidad
- Sales Service
- Delivery of objects acquired by our customers for rent
- Ready business sales

When purchasing real estate with the help of our real estate agencies, a list of works that we carry out:

  • Opening a bank account and registration of alien identification number
  • Preliminary consultations with banks on credit conditions, on the basis of documents submitted by the buyer
  • Final checking purity of the transaction, updating documents on selling the object, eliminating the debts and encumbrances. If necessary, carry out additional work on obtaining certificates, missing registration documents and registration certificates obtained in state bodies
  • Preparation of documents for the signing of the deed, real estate appraisal and approval of mortgage loan approval date of signature of the deed, the parties notified
  • Conducting the transaction, the signing of the sale at the notary, mortgage loan agreement to obtain simple copies of the bills of sale on hands
  • Deed registration in the register and, if necessary, katastre
  • Payment of all taxes and fees associated with the transaction, in the case of the Buyer's order
  • On behalf of the Buyer, to obtain the original bill of sale
  • Control over the elimination of deficiencies and weaknesses identified during the property acceptance
  • Contracts for electricity, water, gas, phone, Comunidad
  • Registration of real estate in the state and tax authorities

Selection of property and support of transactions on behalf of the Buyer:

In some cases, the company is working on the selection of real estate on behalf of the Purchaser. In this case, in the interests of the buyer negotiations to obtain the most suitable conditions under the terms of the deal, the best loan terms / if needed /, as well as in matters of price reduction.

- The company during bargaining will use all legal means to obtain the most favorable conditions of the transaction and to reduce the sale price. Services in this case, the buyer pays.
- This price includes the services of legal support.